Actor, Puppeteer, and Teaching Artist

Tactics : Shout for a Purpose

The primary mode of interacting with anything on the internet is to read it as quickly as possible while performing a second task, and then explain why the content consumed is wrong or could have been better. It is the simplest way to interact with anything or anyone, and it reads as immature, because it is. It is the Level 1 way of dismissing anything. You can tell it’s level 1 because it’s easy. Because when you’re doing it yourself you can feel how little effort it is to sum up someone’s viewpoint that causes a reaction in you with an “I guess you should’ve paid more attention in 8th grade English class”. I cut my output on the internet by 97% by deciding that I wouldn’t put any no-effort responses out just to be talking. I am not an influencer or a brand, so I don’t need to be

Consist of the subject matter of stalking.

We’re all trying to leave a mark. You never know when you’re going to die and you’d like to have nudged the world a little before that happens. The thing is: there in no instructional manual for making that happen. Religion tries. There’s an old Jesus People line about the Bible being “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”. But mostly outside of those large frameworks we are left to find our own way.

On the Other Side

I am a conservative person by nature. My gut impulse is for status quo reinforcing rule following. I have problems with conflict. During undergrad my friend Matt would suggest ways to subvert entryways into the theatre world and I would nudge him toward the front door, because honestly they seemed wide open. Of course they aren’t wide open. The doors to theatre institutions aren’t wide open even if you are at the pinnacle of privilege, which I am, so I can’t imagine deciding to assay that climb from anywhere else on the privilege ladder. For a long time my gut said that the doors would open if those inside only knew the value of those trying to get in. In my naivete, born of of my privileged world-view, I still believed in a version of meritocracy. But there is little in the world capable of motivating those who have something

The Cloak You Should Have Mended

A world in which you are allowed (and increasingly expected to) publically opine on every issue whether you have expertise or not is going to perforce lead to radical generalizations.The ongoing debate over the Park 51 community center has shown the currency of the concept of Islam not as a different religion but as the diametric opposite of Christianity in the roster slot that was held by the very very mythical Satanism in the 70’s, transitioning to “New Age” in the 80’s and neo-Paganism in the 90’s. Every angel needs a devil for context. Folks build systems of belief (and unbelief) to give their lives structure and to give their lives meaning. Let’s start there. Let’s start with what I consider an unassailable position. It is good for a life to have meaning. Most of my current friends and acquaintances do that through creation of some sort of art. Most

Ennui, Extra Pickles

It has been a terribly odd year. In many ways this has been a banner year, continuing a string of banner years. Little of that has had to do with any great effort on my part. As I try to get some traction on my burn out and actually produce something I leave you with Veda Hille singing what the slog sounds like in my brain right now. Veda Hille – Oh, the Endless Fog! I’m not so old I act so old must straighten up and soldier on give no care to what they’re thinking you never know, you think you know you know so much, it all pulls up you just take it and keep going

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