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Root Root Root

The baseball playoffs are about to fire off and the sportsverse is in its annual rush to prove exactly how smart it is by making a snap judgment about who’s going to win win each series… because Bud and the Morning Zoo Crew read some bullets off this morning and now they get to talk about CC Sabathia like they know him. They are going to tell you: NYY over MIN TBR over TEX NYY over TBR PHI over CIN ATL over SFG PHI over ATL PHI over NYY And they may be right in so far as the Sports-tron 9000 Prob-o-Matic. What I can’t figure out is why baseball and it’s media partners have given up and decided to treat baseball like football or basketball. Unless you can afford an entire World Series it’s not a gambler’s game so why do we try to cover the playoffs like

Big Ben: It tolls for thee

The modern 24-hour news cycle hasn’t been kind to anyone exactly, but it’s been very hard for the modern professional athlete. Religious and political leaders may be unfairly and mercilessly held to a standard we could never live up to ourselves, but there is a certain expectation when you choose those vocations that morality will be required. Reading progressions in a cover two doesn’t smack of morality, but we toss athletes in the same bucket anyway, where entrance requires only that they be on our television. Maybe Roger Goodell should run the God Damned Vatican. Anyway I’ve been listening to sports talk radio for 20 years. I when I started listening to sports talk radio WEEI in Boston was your news leader, the Red Sox were on WRKO and Eddie Andelman was on WHDH. Sports talk has been a boys’ club forever. The expectation  was that no women were even

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