Actor, Puppeteer, and Teaching Artist


I make a lot of indulgent choices in my life. While I am not a full blown hedonist, I came by this shape fairly. This is a form made of queso and diner food and good cocktails. I stay up until all hours devouring content in all its forms without much regard for consequences. I have chosen to live my life in pursuit of telling stories to friends, family and strangers.

In the face of darkness the choices in my life seem soft and useless.
There is nothing concrete I have to offer in the face of terror and bloodshed.

All I have to offer is my softness.

I can’t rebuild or repair anything. I can’t fight evil.
But together with my friends I can create a circle in which you can be transported.
We can create a space into which we pour our love and light and invite you to join us.
My friends and I will crack ourselves open so that you can live the lives of countless others in a safe place.
We will create beauty and love and sadness and joy for you around our campfires in the middle of our communities and you can bring your friends and neighbors and take part together and take a bit of it back with you into the world, a candle in all this darkness.

A little bit of hocum.
A little bit of magic.
A lot of love and belief.

But in the end it’s the conspiracy, literally the sharing of breath,  between the inside of the circle and the outside that causes the spark. Shoulder to shoulder with your neighbors, our neighbors, we breath life into a new place.

That is community. That is humanity.


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