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Friday 5

  1. Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards Dust

2. Dante Atkins at the Daily Kos

As thereisnospoon pointed out to me recently, though, Democrats have an opportunity to use their support for Park 51 to reinforce their existing narrative about supporting the little guy. Democrats support the right of middle-class moderate Muslims to worship in peace for the same reasons that we support extending unemployment insurance for those hard-hit in these economic times. For the same reasons that we support the right of the LGBT community to get married. Because even when it’s slightly unpopular, our fundamental values is to stand up for people’s basic fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Meanwhile, the Republicans are hating on hardworking immigrants who likely escaped oppression in their home countries to come here in search of a better life, all while doing their absolute best to protect the bankers on Wall Street who nearly wrecked the world just four blocks away.

That’s what the Democratic Party is about. And we shouldn’t hesitate to include Park 51 proudly into our narrative, rather than trying to defend it from theirs.

3. Lord I hope Stephen Strasburg is ok. Baseball Needs Superstars. Losing a talent on the level of Strasburg would just be depressing

4. Freeze!

5. Jax Steager on

Cultivate pride in your space and equipment, humble though it may be.  It’s an investment that will pay off in more ways than just the peace of mind of knowing your lights will turn on when you need them.

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