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Friday Five


While trimming our tree on Saturday afternoon, I came many beautiful decorations which were Mike’s before we were even a couple. One of them was the “Mike Angel,” a gift from our friend Sandra from 1999. The “Mike Angel” was a hilariously funny addition to our tree for years. She made it out of a styrofoam ball and orange yarn and it really looks just like Mike Young.

So, Saturday, Baxter found it and said, “What’s this?” And I said, “Do you think it looks like anyone?” and he said, “Daddy Mike?” I told Bax all about it and how much we loved it and used to have it on our tree when we lived in Philly.

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Baxter is a kid like I imagine most of the folks who would read a post like this were.
Merry Christmas.

2. Peter Greenaway. Last Supper. Do you need a map?

3. Tie. Dye. Cheesecake.


4. oh tattoos

5. No one tell Isherwood :

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