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Friday Five

1. Look the TEXTURE of this dish well may be a nightmare, but the FLAVORS sound great and the COLORS are amazing:

Watermelon radish. Perfect.

2. With examples in our lives such as the Crane Dance of the Trash Project or the puppetry of Connor Hopkins in the upcoming Ridley Walker or Lunatique Fantastique in our past, Megan and I have been talking about what I am calling endowed personification because anthropomorphosis doesn’t quite cover it and I don’t know a better word…. regardless, Johnston Foster is doing it.

3. Edouard Martinet making sculptures that not only look as though they “work” but that they’re ready to star in the sequel to Jasper Morello

4. Yoskay Yamamoto brings us a a Marisella Orta character clearly rooted on this earth with her head in the stars.

5. Quidam 33 from Julian Gustlin [The rest of the Quidam series]

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