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Friday Five



MICHAEL McMILLEN, Chamber of Revelation, 2003, Sign painters enamel on window, 28 1/2 x 24 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches, Courtesy LA Louver, Venice CA

My ridiculously talented wife Megan M. Reilly won a 2010 B. Iden Payne award this week for her lighting design for Tutto Theater and Vortex Rep’s co-production of Elizabeth Doss’ Murder Ballad, Murder Mystery. You should go take a look.

4. Barry Johnson writes beautifully about citizenship instead of partisanship by way of a remembrance:

The day before she died, she was drifting in and out of consciousness, mostly out, and the family members kept a vigil, sitting even sleeping with her, hoping to help her in any way they could when she emerged from sleep. Conversations among the family continued around her while she slept.  At one point in the ongoing discussion, the elections in Colorado came up — elections that are far more heated and savagely conducted than ours in Oregon this year. According to my wife, Mary Jean’s eyes fluttered open, and she said quite clearly, “I have to sign my ballot.”

I have to sign my ballot.

Read the rest here.

5. Sometimes after a long week which they tell me I lost because NOW Congress won’t cooperate with the President’s agenda – you need cake. Spectacular Cake. This is Cenk Sönmezsoy’s Devil’s Food Cake.


This is a link to the recipe. I encourage you to practice. Then I encourage you upon mastery to travel to Austin wherein I will trade you local foodstuffs for the above cake.

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