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Friday Five: Oct. 3

1. Eight of Cups
by Sara Emily Kuntz from the Cabildo Quarterly

I would get this funny déjà vu in the kitchen
with you: your neck bent, shoulders down, as you sliced
a tomato, or washed out a coffee mug. Your back
like the poor wanderer on the Eight of Cups, familiar.

As a child I’d watch my grandpa hunched over the grill
on the tarmac driveway, or at the sink washing the dishes
after dessert. He told me that cold water dissolves
dairy better than hot, cleans the ice cream bowls faster.

I never knew when he was joking.
You texted me two photos of your face. Beard updates from
three thousand miles as the dimple in your chin
gradually disappears again. In the upper left above your head

hangs an old dutch hex of two unicorns,
watching like the dual-phased moon that hangs
over the wanderer as he leaves behind his cups,
heads for the mountain. Your girlfriend feels threatened.

Wants you to cut out all contact with me.
I’m washing my ice cream bowl in cold water
and I want to ask you if what my grandpa said was true,
but the sad moon says hush and the wanderer keeps walking.

2. Cloud Sea by ChaosLavaWolf

3. From Chistopher Piallat’s Illuminnial States – Click through the entire series.


4. the Theresa Cocktail (I don’t have any Creme de Cassis but this is EXACTLY the sort of thing I love trying)

5. These Landscapes from Rafaello Ossola

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