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Another Dark Corner

Several times over the last year since I combined my personal blog with the Cambiare Productions blog I have expressed to Will that I wished I had someplace to complain about all of the things that annoyed me or to link the news articles or stories that I ran across in my endless quest to read the entire internet every day.

Simultaneously I would whine that I was paying for my domain for nothing, and MAN did I wish I had something to put up on

Never let it be said that I don’t come around eventually.

Politics, sports, current events, light technology and mockery of stupidity will be our stock in trade. Personal storytelling that would be inappropriate on the Cambiare Productions site, along with an easier way to look at items shared from my Google Reader and Tumblr.

There’ll be some ramp up, but I think we’ll find a tone and a rhythm pretty quickly. Don’t be shy.

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