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Howl again

I have been interested in the art of the every day for some time. In March of 2002 I posted as a culmination of a few different posts:

We all have in us what Ginsberg threw on a page 40 years ago, we all have the rage, and pain, and love, and vitriol, and joy, and lust and hate, and wonder that makes Howl a touchstone for a movement.

If each of us were even able to write out the one verse that is true. The one stanza that is Us without the mask, we would have created something equally beautiful and horrible – a testament for posterity.
Everyone needs to howl.

With a consistent trend through earlier this week when I posted on Twitter:

Is this a golden age of individual creation or do I just have the most interesting friends in the world?

I am surrounded by creation. Everyone and their brother is in a band or bands or show or shows or is knitting an ecological solution to oil spills and the inevitable loneliness of man and all of them are opening on Thursday.  It’s the bad sort of overwhelming when you try to make it to everything, either out of desire or obligation. It can’t be done, physically or financially. never mind the toil that such an attempt would take on my own creations, my marriage and my sanity. But when you just let the idea of all that creation wash over you?

The universe is full to bursting with creation. Not more than ever perhaps, but we are more aware of the breadth than ever. Technology has democratized both creation and distribution on a certain level. I mean look, when I say I was watching indie ukulele covers of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” you have to ask which one. (This one btw)

The horror that is imperfect art will be wailed about by every elitist prick worth his glasses, but I’m here to tell you – there’s nothing better for professional artists than the rest of the planet throbbing the beat of creation. Sure you’re going to have prove that you ARE a professional and that your work is somehow different than there’s. Somehow superior. Somehow worth their money in this free-on demand society.

But I think that’s good for you.

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