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My brain didn’t come with a user guide or best practices manual. Mostly I have to figure out how it works and then sort of lean to make it work more the way I think it should. It’s not that it’s broken or anything it just deals with things in ways that aren’t useful.

Time for instance.

The subroutines in my brain deal with time in counterproductive ways. My experience is that most folks deal with time (in terms of planning) fairly granularly – down to about 15 minute chunks. It never works that way for me. I can get it down to about an hour. My brain always always always builds in overhead. It builds in the normal overage and travel time to and from. Then traffic. Then late/lost time. Then the 5 minute early factor.

All of a sudden that quick 15 minute meeting is an hour and a half on my calendar.

A three hour rehearsal plus 15 minutes to be ready at go, plus 15-20 review time plus 20-30 minute drive time, and 30 minute drive time home? That’s a five hour block in my brain.

When I freak out because you asked me to do something it’s not because I don’t like you it’s because you just ate 3 hours of my available 6 or so a day that aren’t spoken for.

Now you of course have noticed that most of that time is discretionary and that you can double dip a lot of those things. You are smarter than my brain.

It means I miss out on a lot of fun things honestly because my brain just can’t see how it can be done. I have to train myself out of this behavior all the time. Always an uphill battle….

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