The Cloak You Should Have Mended

A world in which you are allowed (and increasingly expected to) publically opine on every issue whether you have expertise or not is going to perforce lead to radical generalizations.The ongoing debate over the Park 51 community center has shown the currency of the concept of Islam not as a different religion but as the diametric opposite of Christianity in the roster slot that was held by the very very mythical Satanism in the 70’s, transitioning to “New Age” in the 80’s and neo-Paganism in the 90’s. Every angel needs a devil for context. Folks build systems of belief (and unbelief) to give their lives structure and to give their lives meaning. Let’s start there. Let’s start with what I consider an unassailable position. It is good for a life to have meaning. Most of my current friends and acquaintances do that through creation of some sort of art. Most