Theatre Background

I love theatre and storytelling.

I have been involved in theatre wearing one hat or another since 1991. I trained in a BA program at the University of New Hampshire as a technician, director and performer in a number of acting techniques including Meisner, Hagen, and Stanislavsky. I have worked as a technician, performed, and produced professionally since 1999.

Today I primarily perform and sometimes produce small budget theatre.

I love indie or non-institutional theatre and new work.
I love being part of a resident acting company but also love artistic promiscuity.
The best way to steal the best of everyone’s work is to watch them work up close…


I believe it is my job to:

  • Honor the text first and foremost, whether a thousand years old or wet-ink… the play is the thing.
  • Create dynamic characters no matter the amount of text I’m given to create it in.
  • Bring energy and ideas to every role and let the director sort the ideas and cap the energy.
  • Show up to rehearsal prepared and demonstrate that I value the team’s time.
  • Contribute to the creation of an inviting room to rehearse in. Pride not ego.


I am not an institutional theatre producer, therefore my goals are:

  • Never produce simply to produce.
  • Choose work you love or work that is loved by people you want to champion.
  • Produce cleanly. [i.e. The Right Chair]
    Produce an impeccable reading rather than a raggedy workshop.
    Produce an impeccable workshop rather than a raggedy production.
  • Create as good a working environment as any you’d want to be part of.
  • Compensate as much as possible in every way possible and be transparent about all of it.