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Vanity thy name is…

My good friend Will Hollis Snider recently answered an emergency call for headshots newer than my junior year of college. That ol’ headshot was fine (or a reasonable facsimile of fine) through the last time I auditioned for someone other than my good friend Will Hollis Snider….

That headshot:


Is pretty well out of date at this point. It’d been four years and several hard roads since that last audition. I was reading last Saturday for someone not my good friend Will Hollis Snider and thought that I should act as though I had heard of professionalism so took advantage and headed down to WHS’s swinging South Austin pad.

That Will is good.

We shot for about an hour and he played with some light.

We got three great shots:


The super serious artist blah blah blah – or as my wife put it, like I was trying to play every Shakespeare villain at the same time.


A vertical version in the same vein though the angle makes this one look a little less serious to me.


And one the looks like maybe I didn’t kick your puppy on the way into the room. (I didn’t)

I have been showing these to anyone who’ll sit still for the the last two weeks. I am over the moon with how well they turned out. And even better they’ll still be useful when I lose all the weight!

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4 thoughts on “Vanity thy name is…

  1. Love them. I think the third one shows the most personality.. a little serious, but i also get this feeling of pranksterism, like you put saran wrap over the toilet seat and your wife hasn’t found out yet.

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