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Friday Five: Oct. 17

1. Emulsifier – This rotating glass sculpture by THOMAS MEDICUS.

2. Cocktail of the week: a blueberry gin sour from Supergoldenbakes

3. Three Doors by Charles Simic

This one kept its dignity
Despite being kicked
And smudged with fingerprints.

Someone wanted to get in
Real bad.
Now the whole neighborhood can see
What went on late last night
And the night before.

Two clenched fists
Raised high
Pounding, pounding,
And asking God
To please bear witness.

* * *

This door’s hinges,
I suspect,
Give off a nasty screech
From seeing
Too many feet caught in it.

Just a minute ago,
Some fellow
With that it-pays-to-be-cagey look
Snuck out.

Screams of a child,
Yelps of a kicked dog
And wild laughter
Followed after him.

* * *

I heard the neighbor’s screen door
Creak open at daybreak
To let the cat in
With what sounded like a stage whisper
Into her still-dark kitchen.

I could feel the black cat rub herself
Against her bare legs
And then take her first lick
With her rough, red tongue
Of the cold milk glowing in the saucer.

4. Over the Ocean from Brad Kunkle


5. Carol Milne’s glass sculpture


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