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What is making me happy: Doing

With all appropriate humility: I am better than a bunch of people at a bunch of things.
I may well be the living embodiment of a B+. There are lots of days when that bugs me of course, no student loves snagging a B+, it rankles to not have that A, to not be the best at something (or anything). But most days all the blessings are evident.

I am a deliberate human being. I am deliberate and I do deliberate… to the point of oblivion. I like sure things. I like my security. But planning to the point of security is how you end up inert.

Inertia sucks. But…

I have managed – with the help of a very patient wife, who reminds me that Outside exists and that taking risks can be their own rewards –  to become a person who does things. It’s not all the way sold to being a habit yet. But it’s a trend.

The Doing has been a theme of the entire year. Really taking chances and letting others say no before I do. But it’s making me happy this week because one of the things I did this year was work with Trouble Puppet and it has been a steep learning curve. But the thing is that getting puppetry right? It’s Incredible. I don’t mean from the seats – I mean from up close.

When you’re on breath with the team you’re operating a puppet with and you’re moving three-as-one and you’re rehearsed to the point where the the motions happen instead of consciously manually inciting them to (the puppet equivalent of thinking in the foreign language).

It’s incredible.

We’re in the theatre now for The Head, you can feel the bits and pieces of the show coalescing, and as tired as I am I’m really glad to not be sitting at home planning instead of doing.

That grin.

Postmodern Jukebox this AND their cover of We Can’t Stop

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