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What is Making Me Happy: Leftovers

It is tech week #2 for Trouble Puppet Theatre Co.’s The Head, wherein for a period of time I get to manipulate personal demons instead of them manipulating me. It’s a rollicking good time that I recommend you go see early before the good seats get all gummed up with folks and you have to miss it.

But see, the thing is is the Missus is lighting this puppy. Which means that we’re both in tech and so food is… food is sort of catch as catch can as happens in tech weeks. That doesn’t mean however that our CSA box from Johnson’s Backyard Garden isn’t going to sit and stare at us wondering why oh why we’re ignoring it.

There’s nothing sadder than a disappointed squash sitting in the fridge with those big puppy dog eyes staring out at you… so we killed him.

On Saturday we had a (for me) unexpected day off from the tech process. After sleeping in until an obscene time of day and letting my poor shredded legs recover a bit we decided to basically slaughter any non-eggplant vegetables we could find. It was awesome.

A little They Might Be Giants Flood

on the wi-fi and a raft of chopping later we had made a week’s worth of food that we LIKE to eat and may keep the tech week 15 off.  

Vegetarian Morroccan Stew

Apricots and cinnamon and cloves and sweet potatoes and… just a great great stew to have in the fridge.

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, and Kale Quesadilla
from Cookie Monster Blog (@CMCblog_ashley)

You make the filling (a one pot meal!) and then make the individual quesadillas as needed. And as far as day 2? The adobo permeates the dish by day 2 so the smoke and light heat are even better.

Summer Veggie Casserole

This was sort of a surprise as we were really just looking for a way to kill the squash… Megan found this recipe and it more fit our need that piqued our interest. But it’s a versatile tasty base recipe that I think we’ll use n a couple of different ways. It’s not as soupy as you’d think…

I also had a roasting party and knocked off some beets, carrots and butternut squash that will become a roasted red flannel hash on Saturday – fried up with a bit a pork product and an egg on it.

The difference between a lukewarm drive-through animal product patty on enriched white bread bun and say… sweet potato quesadilla is as yet unmeasured. It is large. Astronomical. Neil Degrasse Tyson is on it.

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