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What is Making me Happy? Old Friends

Being in rehearsal until 10 every night and visiting with my wife or taking care of other assorted business after rehearsal has meant that in the time I’ve been in Austin I’ve mostly not been able to enjoy baseball. Which is a shame because in case you haven’t been reading (and you haven’t) life for me in this moment is an evolving tension between keeping my world full of interesting and challenging projects and having enough mental space  to not get crushed by it.

Baseball rhythmically is great for that. Available all summer for 3-4 hours a night you don’t need to alter your life to catch it. There’s a cast of characters that you get to know well and the voices of extended family talking about those characters. I gave up baseball for theatre mostly… but there are always exceptions…

I’ve been a Red Sox fan since the end of the 1985 season, with 1986 being my first full season as a fan. That was an education. But watching  this World Series was a treat. A tense matchup against a very solid opponent. Pacing the living room with my 1986 ALCS Marty Barrett bat. and not coping to looking liking David Ross’ brother… and for the third time since moving to Austin seeing my hometown team win…

It’s not the same as winning in  2004 obviously. Or even the proof of concept win of the New Red Sox Epoch that was 2007. These guys weren’t really Idiots. They weren’t an All Star team of mercenaries. They were just a relentlessly efficient machine with 6 months facial growth. There were no Becketts or Mannys on this team to ‘explain’ to anyone. This was just a fun buncha guys to root for.

It could only have been better if I’d been able to share it with my baseball folks near and far. But the imperfect treat is still a treat.

And there are massive gold bottles of champagne to punctuate the moment:




Winning is awesome.


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