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What is Making Me Happy? Winning.

At some point later tonight I will or will not be awarded by the B. Iden Payne committees’ subscribers/members for my performance as John of Gaunt and the Bishop of Carlisle in Richard II this spring.

I won’t know and there’s a fair chance that you’ll know before me as I won’t be able to attend the ceremony due to… wait for it… being in rehearsal.

2013 am I right?

Nursery Crimes opens at the Dougherty Arts Center on Friday (good seats still available) and we’ve got some bricks to lay before you show up this weekend.

I’m supposed to not care about winning, but that’s of course not true.

I hate losing. I hate losing Settlers of Catan or Uno or Soul Calibur.
I don’t lose scenes – I give them up because a playwright makes me. Of course I want to win. But if I don’t win I lose to three performers and performances I actually genuinely like, or I lose to Aaron Black who gave my favorite performance of the year, one I got to watch from 6 feet away every night (Oh Katurian… you KNOW).

Are you kidding me?
I’m so spoiled. I have been winning all year in every possible way.
So much so that when I start to list it all I get overwhelmed.

I’m sorry I don’t get to visit (and drink) with everyone tonight – have a blast.
But win or lose folks deserve thanks.

The speech I won’t be giving is 120 words:

Thanks to BIPAC for the work they do
trying to see as much as they can.
I hope we all try to do that.

There are never enough resources
and in that reality all we have is each other.
Artists and audience, artists as audience.
This happy breed of men, this little world.

This moment is about Poor Shadows of Elysium,
a lovely cast and those nights at the Curtain.

Working with Kevin Gates and Aaron Black: my sons, my kings…
and with Stephen Price, my brother, my anchor.
For a director in Christina Gutierrez who expected more of me every night.

This moment is for my constant, my wife.
I take each next step because you believe I can.

(I did not win)

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