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What’s Making Me Happy : Powers

It’s been a long couple of weeks.

Trouble is sort of relative. If you have the energy and focus to deal with whatever you’re facing down you can take on the entire Empire yourself. If you’re tired and sick and just plain ol’ wore out putting on outside-the-house pants can be a legitimate struggle. I’m still putting on acceptable pants but it’s been a long year and I’m plain ol’ wore out. My final show of the year opened a day late but is now firing on all cylinders and now can move from the stressor category…

Because life is nothing but serendipity with a bourbon chaser – I’m running a noir detective mystery and finally made time to start reading Powers by Brian Michael Bendis.

So it’s been pretty much this:



and this:



Powers is a super hero book told from outside the cowl and cape in a manner of a true crime pulp. Two homicide detectives working the Powers beat deal with the seamier side of the spandex and sequins set. I finished Volume 1 last night and I have to say Bendis crafted a hell of a page turner. I burned through 37 issues in three nights after Megan went to bed.

Bendis moves the series rapidly from a new partners-with-secrets detective story to an epic millennia spanning character study. I tell you whut, I loves me some epic storytelling with stiff personal consequences for your primary actors.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to read 50 more issues in the next ten days.

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