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The End of 2012.


The year two thousand twelve. Chronologically.


1: Messenger No. 4 (or How to Survive a Greek Tragedy)



2. My first tattoo



3. Tis Pity She’’s a Whore

Tis Pity 2012


4. Rose Rage

Rose Rage 2012


5. Birth of Athena

Athena 2012


6. Cape Cod

Cape Cod 2012


7. Weekend in Utopia

Utopia 2012


8. Doctor Faustus

Faustus 2012


9. Quills

Different Stages Quills 4


And so ends 2012. The least balanced most selfish year of my life. In many ways it was a rewarding successful year, in many ways a frustrating altogether too quick year. If you are a friend or family member I likely shorted you this year. I know. I’m working on it.

To a more balanced, more focused 2013.

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